Saturday, July 28, 2012

New AK-ART coming in August

A new, refreshed portfolio will replace my current one in about 3 weeks time. Currently, I'm working on many new concepts and designs for a personal project that will replace many older pieces. There will be quite a variety: new environments, characters, vehicles, props, action scenes.. Since they are all a part of the same story/universe, the whole batch will be released at once, so stay tuned for a massive update around mid-August.

Friday, July 27, 2012

'Cloud Atlas' update 4 - official stuff!

So, the rest of the world caught up with China and today WB released the official hi-res mega-trailer, an official (or at least temporary) poster and a cool commentary from the directors (all 3 of them). Feast your eyes on iTunes here.

I am definitely pleased to see that certain scenes and elements from Somni story bear a strong resemblance to some of the concepts I did while working on the film last year. Can't wait to see the whole thing :). Too bad it suppose to arrive to China during Spring Festival 2013 (so, around February). Gotta keep waiting..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

'Cloud Atlas' update 3

'CA' will be premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and on the web you can find the first official photos. It looks pretty amazing and I'm glad the marketing finally kicked in. Also a Facebook page has been launched. But Chinese are faster than others in delivery (due to the time difference) - on MTime website you can find over 5 minute long trailer that looks, sounds and feels just f***ing spectacular. Talking about epicness.