Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Arrival - Shot 1

Here's the matte for the first shot from this project. Done in 4k, 16 bit. The clip is available in HD here (though it's quite dark, don't know why). Matte was projected onto 3D geometry within Nuke and comped, forming quite a nice tree:

Additional stuff includes 3D airship with simple effects, waterfall (particles in 3dsMax), various bits of moving fog, clouds, water blinks, etc.

More matte paintings and digital environments coming soon, more advanced and with more elaborate compositing tricks.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Arrival - WIP1

Here's the first preview of the shots I mentioned. 'The Arrival' is a series of six shots, fully CG, accomplished with matte painting projections, live-action and digital sets. I'm putting them together for practice and presentation purposes. Sequence will also include things like particle simulations and 3D animation.

As you can see from this WIP, each shot has been initially layed out in 3D and then concept art was created for each, to figure out basic lighting and what elements are needed to accomplish the task. Some shots are less difficult, some are quite complex, like the last one, Shot 6, where live-action of multiple characters is mixed with 3D foreground environment, 3D matte painting of the mountains, HDRI render of the animated ship and a bunch of other stuff, eventually comped together. Lots of fun ;)

Friday, December 16, 2011

A piece of the action

Here's a sneak-peak into the series mentioned in the previous post. Highway hit by a courageous chick on a bike and space marines approaching the enemy base.

Currently, I'm working on 'The Arrival' - a sequence mentioned some post ago - several shots, based on matte painting projections, with an addition of 3D digital environment and greenscreen footage. Hopefully, it'll be ready in about a month. I'll post some mini-tutorials with it (e.g. using DEM maps in Vue or complex NUKE matte painting projections), as well as a behind-the-scenes article.

Right now, a few simple tutorials I did on NUKE in the past are available but only in Polish for the time being (sorry). New tutorials will be both, in Polish and English. The old ones are available below:

Projekcje matte w NUKE

Tutorial 1: Symulowana kamera 2.5D w NUKE: tutaj + pliki robocze tutaj
Tutorial 2: Projekcja 2.5D in NUKE (prosta): tutaj + pliki robocze j.w.
Tutorial 3: Projekcja 2.5D in NUKE (złożona): tutaj + pliki robocze tutaj

Friday, December 9, 2011

More content coming soon

Right now, I'm working on two series of concept illustrations that will push my portfolio to the next level. One will take place in a gritty sf urban setting, the other - in a lavish jungle full of futuristic guerrilla warfare. I hope to release them at the beginning of January, so beware and prepare a soft landing pads for your jaws :)

In the mean time, here's some recent stuff.