Friday, December 16, 2011

A piece of the action

Here's a sneak-peak into the series mentioned in the previous post. Highway hit by a courageous chick on a bike and space marines approaching the enemy base.

Currently, I'm working on 'The Arrival' - a sequence mentioned some post ago - several shots, based on matte painting projections, with an addition of 3D digital environment and greenscreen footage. Hopefully, it'll be ready in about a month. I'll post some mini-tutorials with it (e.g. using DEM maps in Vue or complex NUKE matte painting projections), as well as a behind-the-scenes article.

Right now, a few simple tutorials I did on NUKE in the past are available but only in Polish for the time being (sorry). New tutorials will be both, in Polish and English. The old ones are available below:

Projekcje matte w NUKE

Tutorial 1: Symulowana kamera 2.5D w NUKE: tutaj + pliki robocze tutaj
Tutorial 2: Projekcja 2.5D in NUKE (prosta): tutaj + pliki robocze j.w.
Tutorial 3: Projekcja 2.5D in NUKE (złożona): tutaj + pliki robocze tutaj

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