Saturday, January 28, 2012

Into the depths - WIP

Here's another WIP, a personal project and a fully digital environment shot.

I built 3D environment, animated the elevator and the camera move. The next stage will be UV-ing and texturing the foreground elements and planning various matte projections, placing them in such a way as to show great depth of the city and many levels below. Once all the projections are created, scene will be rendered in several passes and comped in Nuke. With this project I'll practice some new stuff like DOF pass and 3D motion blur.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Underpass - WIP

New matte in progress, something more photo-realistic this time - an exercise from integrating greenscreen footage into a matte based on a plate. Using myself and my cheap pocket camcorder, I acquired a suitable footage of a wandering bum, that was keyed out and rotoscoped quite a bit (bad lighting, good production practice :) I'll be aiming at post-apocalyptic mood, something in a spirit of 'The Road' or 'The Book of Eli'. I'll post the final matte and comp soon.

Happy New Chinese Year, by the way :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jade Castle

New personal matte, done entirely in Photoshop. With this piece, I was aiming at achieving a dramatic sky, interesting lighting and mood. The architecture is a mixture of medieval and Asian style. Hope you guys like it.

I also created a pretty long tutorial in Polish, describing creation of a typical matte step by step. Tutorial can be downloaded here:

Matte painting tutorial (Polish version)
click here to download (1.92 mb)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Concrete hive - 3D matte painting

A frame from camera projection of a pretty complex 3D matte, basically a digital environment, created as a practice of multi-camera mapping. The city (over 600k polys) was created in 3D, together with 10 projection cameras displaying various pieces of matte in a way that allowed horizontal camera move. Geometry and cameras were then imported into Nuke and comped. Additional animations, like smoke and ships, were added on cards and placed accordingly in Nuke's 3D space. The whole sequence, rendered in 2k, ended in After Effects, where the final tweaks were applied. You can check the finished projection in the portfolio ('Matte painting' section, at the bottom) or here:

Additionally, a couple of screenshots from Nuke - 3D overview of the entire scene and the comp tree: