Friday, January 6, 2012

Concrete hive - 3D matte painting

A frame from camera projection of a pretty complex 3D matte, basically a digital environment, created as a practice of multi-camera mapping. The city (over 600k polys) was created in 3D, together with 10 projection cameras displaying various pieces of matte in a way that allowed horizontal camera move. Geometry and cameras were then imported into Nuke and comped. Additional animations, like smoke and ships, were added on cards and placed accordingly in Nuke's 3D space. The whole sequence, rendered in 2k, ended in After Effects, where the final tweaks were applied. You can check the finished projection in the portfolio ('Matte painting' section, at the bottom) or here:

Additionally, a couple of screenshots from Nuke - 3D overview of the entire scene and the comp tree:

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  1. another epic shot. great job, Papa Song ;-)




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