Friday, June 21, 2013

Assault on Silver Fin (aRevolution project)

In the finale of the story, the protagonist, merged with the modified industrial mech, leads the resistance by attacking the government HQ situated at the top of Silver Fin. The structures' defensive systems are initiated to aid Government Police forces who are already after the attacker. In such situations, smart missiles can be used to lay down an effective barrier that can at least slow down the pursuit.

Choosing the external wall of the building is a good idea to get to the top but the distance is still significant and there is no place to hide. Mech's camouflage system can only last so much and eventually only the skills of the operator allow him to evade heavy rounds.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

'aTeam' (aRevolution project)

Quick snapshot of the main protagonists of the story.

Stan has a couple of NeuralNet controllers on his forearms to hack and manipulate systems remotely (up to ~100 meters away). Useful for disrupting your enemy's guns or messing with the power sources of machines/computers.

Sandra has a typical field armor, adopted from a standard military issue, with some custom gizmos, like gravity-shifter or electro-shell mode (nice for neutralizing electrical charges and projectile weapons). Her primary weapon is a double 'edged' energy vibro-sword, which can withstand around 100 blows before his battery runs out. Sandra has several spare ones, just in case she gets into some serious hack-and-slash situation.

Buzz is the head of the resistance in Atoll 7. Originally a mechanic, he supervises all the technical aspects of the movement, including network hacking and cybernetic implants hardware. He himself built more complicated elements and is largely responsible for embedding alien neuro-controllers into the mech suit created by the resistance. His own suit consists mostly of an old repairmen protective gear, used in hazardous environments decades ago when the Atoll was in early construction stages.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Police equipment - part 2 (aRevolution project)

More police hardware - personal 'mechs' for direct 'exchange of arguments' with armed suspects.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Police equipment - part 1 (aRevolution project)

Some hardware used by human police forces: air-speeders for catching up with fast vehicles and heavy air support in case of bigger problems.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ambassador's arrival (aRevolution project)

The main member of alien part of the government with its personal security. Although aliens are considered as guests and important members of the new society, they still use formidable protection. It doesn't rise any suspicions as in some ways it may seem normal - there are obvious groups that don't approve their presence, even after all they have done. The main reason, obviously, is the resistance. In fact, the main task of armed guards is to track and eliminate on sight every member of the the movement (which is successfully demonized by aliens and clones they created) and also to prevent any attempts of contact between the resistance and the remaining members of the human government. Even though such contact is virtually impossible, one can never be too careful.

Guards are equipped mostly with alien military technology, which only they can use effectively as it channels their willpower and what could be called 'psi' energy into a 'form', be it a blast of energy or a personal force field. Their 'WillArmor' acts in a similar way and can change its configuration in-fight. Although they can be harmed and presumably even killed, their fighting skills and protective gear combined with firepower renders them, or their patron, a very rare target.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Resistance HQ (aRevolution project)

Hidden location where the resistance hack, retrieve and translate alien messages from the Global Network and is creating its own alien mech assembly system. Its members, being the main target of the city council (effectively steered by the clones, since aliens see the resistance as a possible threat) hide in the lowest levels of the Atoll 7, near the purification systems as well as within the harbor. Resistance was able to intercept and smuggle to its HQ a wreckage of an alien transmission vessel, that malfunctioned and crashed in the wasteland. It's energy core, luckily intact, is sufficient to power all the equipment and the communication systems are connected to the hacking devices.

By intercepting bits and pieces of coded messages, resistance was able to figure out parts of alien's plan. In preparation for the possible revolt, in case things go bad, technicians and engineers work on advanced weaponry, like turning a regular hazard suit used by aliens for industrial work into a mobile battle mech. Aliens revealed some of their military solutions to the council for beefing up Atoll's security but its out of reach for the underground. Since mech can be operated only by an alien, technicians came with alternate, albeit radical solution. Special cybernetic implants that modify nervous system of the carrier allow to fool the mech into 'thinking' its being operated by an alien. The drawback is the procedure itself, since not everyone can survive it and its irreversible. Mech's surface is covered with color-changing molecular lining that allows it to adapt to nearly every environment like a chameleon.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cloning facility (aRevolution project)

Majority of population is unaware of aliens' plan as well as of many of their hidden facilities, like cloning chambers. Many high society members and most of the government have already been replaced with perfect replicas, genomed from abducted 'originals'. The new versions have fully developed alien brain and nervous system. They also have modified bone structure, a mix between regular human bones and alien organic material, although adopted to the human body in 100%, so no external differences are noticeable. It does, however, provides additional strength and endurance. Clones are created via 'DNA weaving' performed by alien equivalent of scientists, who need to operate from within a special chamber since the process is possible only in the original alien form.

Task of the clones is simple - to ensure an increase of alien influence and support for all government plans and proposals regarding alien presence on Earth. It's all merely a preparation for the final move.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Floating residences (aRevolution project)

Richer and more influential citizens, who used their connections well or were smart enough to use the economic growth since the aliens' arrival, live in floating mini-islands, hoovering over the Atol. Each island has self-sustaining energy source, temperature controlling and air purification systems. Small docking stations with syntetic fuel generators and/or ion chargers take care of the vehicles.

Depending on personal preferences (and capacity of the wallet), floating islands can also have luxurious pools, gravi-chambers and other attractions. They can also branch out and to create additional mini-islands but they need to be connected to the main one and its power source.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

District 14 (aRevolution project)

Closer look at one of the city centers in District 14. Most of the Atol's living districts are spacious and clean, filled with new plant species and purified water. Although initially, alien technology was used in its pure form for standard solutions, like public transportation, humans quickly adopted certain elements like gravity shifters or light splitting to create more artistic forms, fountains, sculptures and holographic projections.

Shops that sell products for aliens (so-called aShops) can do it legally only after receiving government approval sign. Purchase and consuming the products for aliens is not recommended, as their effects on humans are still not fully analyzed and can affect humans, perhaps even on the genetic level. Safety is an issue as some sub-cultures imbibe alien medicines and certain other products that cause effects similar to drugs.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Harbor (aRevolution project)

The main harbor of Atoll 7 is located between the Main Station and Silver Fin, which are connected by LinkWay. Atoll 7 trades mostly with Atoll 9 and Reservoir B2. Most ships use new, alien technology that allows them to glide above water surface and take on much heavier cargo than regular ships. Some of these still remain active, though usually heavily modified. As the air outside the habitable areas is still considered unsafe, all ships and docking areas have protective and filtration systems. Since these areas are more difficult to be patrolled, harbor is also considered to be the 'grey area' and the possible location of the resistance.

Silver Fin is the main business, navigation and city control center. Its tip, where the council resides, is well over a kilometer above the ground. Half of the council consists of aliens who oversee the conditions and rights of their own kind within Atoll 7.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Atoll 7 (aRevolution project)

aRevolution is a personal project, where the aim was just to have some fun designing various environments, vehicles, characters, etc., all built around a simple storyline. Hope you guys enjoy the concepts and if you want to know more about them - just read the background stuff included :) If not, simply skip to the art :)


Earth, 2183. From over 40 years, aliens live among humans.

XXII century was full of global conflicts that left the Earth deprived of most of its natural resources. Majority of areas were left inhabitable. The land and water were too polluted to grow crops and most people hid in large, cruddy metropolises.Earth, 2183. From over 40 years, aliens live among humans.

When a planetoid of unknown origins appeared suddenly around the orbit of Mars, United Government, prepped and sent an expedition to discover its origins and purpose. For several years, the shuttle hasn't responded and was considered lost. Eventually, the shuttle, augmented and modified, found its way back to Earth carrying alien species on board. Thanks to genetic mutations, DNA manipulation and other technological means, aliens emissaries adopted human tissue collected from the original crew members, with alien brain and nervous system embedded into it. In their original form, they couldn't survive on Earth. Later, it was revealed that similarly, humans wouldn't survive on their own planet should it still existed (it was destroyed by a rogue comet). Beings, resembling humans, were welcomed with disbelief and fear. However, after months of negotiations and mutual agreements, the visitors proved to be more than generous and the first wave of alien settlers in human-like form landed on Earth.Earth, 2183. From over 40 years, aliens live among humans.

For the next few decades, aliens offered their advanced technological solutions once used on their own planet to clean up the Earth and turn poverty-ridden mega-cities into thriving, clean and advanced metropolises. New power systems and new communication means were developed and adopted by humans. Aliens were given their own Sectors in all the major cities. They have their own apartments and shopping districts, with products suited to their Earth form. They have their own representatives in government.Earth, 2183. From over 40 years, aliens live among humans.

Stan, the main protagonist, is a typical blue-collar technician, working in hazardous environments using Hazard Suit, fixing electronics. When fate crosses his paths with a mysterious woman from high society circles, he discovers the truth behind alien presence on Earth and their well hidden agenda that threatens the entire human species.

Atoll 7

Overall view on Atoll 7. Built close to the land, it acts both, as a thriving megalopolis and water purification station. Huge water pumps surrounding the city suck the sea water in, filter it and distribute all over the city as well as through the air channels towards the land. Special green houses and bio-plantations take care of development of new breeds of plants, since most of the original Earth plants died out decades years ago. Some modified plant species already grow wildly, covering the surroundings.

Central part of the atoll is also filled with greenery, with numerous multi-levelled parks and other recreation areas. A super-speed highway, so-called LinkWay, connects the main part of the city with the Silver Fin - government HQ and city systems' AI, developed by aliens in co-operation with human technicians. A force-field, penetrable only by solid objects (like vehicles) surrounds the atoll, preventing any by-products of water purification or remaining germs to pollute the city's air.