Thursday, June 20, 2013

'aTeam' (aRevolution project)

Quick snapshot of the main protagonists of the story.

Stan has a couple of NeuralNet controllers on his forearms to hack and manipulate systems remotely (up to ~100 meters away). Useful for disrupting your enemy's guns or messing with the power sources of machines/computers.

Sandra has a typical field armor, adopted from a standard military issue, with some custom gizmos, like gravity-shifter or electro-shell mode (nice for neutralizing electrical charges and projectile weapons). Her primary weapon is a double 'edged' energy vibro-sword, which can withstand around 100 blows before his battery runs out. Sandra has several spare ones, just in case she gets into some serious hack-and-slash situation.

Buzz is the head of the resistance in Atoll 7. Originally a mechanic, he supervises all the technical aspects of the movement, including network hacking and cybernetic implants hardware. He himself built more complicated elements and is largely responsible for embedding alien neuro-controllers into the mech suit created by the resistance. His own suit consists mostly of an old repairmen protective gear, used in hazardous environments decades ago when the Atoll was in early construction stages.


  1. These are awesome mate, especially the guy on the left - love the sparkling clothes. Good pose as well

  2. Mi tez lewy concept najbardziej przypadl do gustu, dobra robota.


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