Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Atoll 7 (aRevolution project)

aRevolution is a personal project, where the aim was just to have some fun designing various environments, vehicles, characters, etc., all built around a simple storyline. Hope you guys enjoy the concepts and if you want to know more about them - just read the background stuff included :) If not, simply skip to the art :)


Earth, 2183. From over 40 years, aliens live among humans.

XXII century was full of global conflicts that left the Earth deprived of most of its natural resources. Majority of areas were left inhabitable. The land and water were too polluted to grow crops and most people hid in large, cruddy metropolises.Earth, 2183. From over 40 years, aliens live among humans.

When a planetoid of unknown origins appeared suddenly around the orbit of Mars, United Government, prepped and sent an expedition to discover its origins and purpose. For several years, the shuttle hasn't responded and was considered lost. Eventually, the shuttle, augmented and modified, found its way back to Earth carrying alien species on board. Thanks to genetic mutations, DNA manipulation and other technological means, aliens emissaries adopted human tissue collected from the original crew members, with alien brain and nervous system embedded into it. In their original form, they couldn't survive on Earth. Later, it was revealed that similarly, humans wouldn't survive on their own planet should it still existed (it was destroyed by a rogue comet). Beings, resembling humans, were welcomed with disbelief and fear. However, after months of negotiations and mutual agreements, the visitors proved to be more than generous and the first wave of alien settlers in human-like form landed on Earth.Earth, 2183. From over 40 years, aliens live among humans.

For the next few decades, aliens offered their advanced technological solutions once used on their own planet to clean up the Earth and turn poverty-ridden mega-cities into thriving, clean and advanced metropolises. New power systems and new communication means were developed and adopted by humans. Aliens were given their own Sectors in all the major cities. They have their own apartments and shopping districts, with products suited to their Earth form. They have their own representatives in government.Earth, 2183. From over 40 years, aliens live among humans.

Stan, the main protagonist, is a typical blue-collar technician, working in hazardous environments using Hazard Suit, fixing electronics. When fate crosses his paths with a mysterious woman from high society circles, he discovers the truth behind alien presence on Earth and their well hidden agenda that threatens the entire human species.

Atoll 7

Overall view on Atoll 7. Built close to the land, it acts both, as a thriving megalopolis and water purification station. Huge water pumps surrounding the city suck the sea water in, filter it and distribute all over the city as well as through the air channels towards the land. Special green houses and bio-plantations take care of development of new breeds of plants, since most of the original Earth plants died out decades years ago. Some modified plant species already grow wildly, covering the surroundings.

Central part of the atoll is also filled with greenery, with numerous multi-levelled parks and other recreation areas. A super-speed highway, so-called LinkWay, connects the main part of the city with the Silver Fin - government HQ and city systems' AI, developed by aliens in co-operation with human technicians. A force-field, penetrable only by solid objects (like vehicles) surrounds the atoll, preventing any by-products of water purification or remaining germs to pollute the city's air.


  1. Uwielbiam historie do obrazu a ta jest bardzo przyjemna. Trochę przypomina mi defiance połączone z "V". Projekt będzie składał się z serii ilustracji do tego wątku historii ? Dobrze byłoby kiedyś zobaczyć art-booka z tego projektu. Powodzenia, pozdrawiam

  2. Hej. Tak, koncepty będą odnosiły się do historii - miejsca, postaci, nico akcji, itd.


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