Monday, June 17, 2013

Ambassador's arrival (aRevolution project)

The main member of alien part of the government with its personal security. Although aliens are considered as guests and important members of the new society, they still use formidable protection. It doesn't rise any suspicions as in some ways it may seem normal - there are obvious groups that don't approve their presence, even after all they have done. The main reason, obviously, is the resistance. In fact, the main task of armed guards is to track and eliminate on sight every member of the the movement (which is successfully demonized by aliens and clones they created) and also to prevent any attempts of contact between the resistance and the remaining members of the human government. Even though such contact is virtually impossible, one can never be too careful.

Guards are equipped mostly with alien military technology, which only they can use effectively as it channels their willpower and what could be called 'psi' energy into a 'form', be it a blast of energy or a personal force field. Their 'WillArmor' acts in a similar way and can change its configuration in-fight. Although they can be harmed and presumably even killed, their fighting skills and protective gear combined with firepower renders them, or their patron, a very rare target.

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