Thursday, June 13, 2013

District 14 (aRevolution project)

Closer look at one of the city centers in District 14. Most of the Atol's living districts are spacious and clean, filled with new plant species and purified water. Although initially, alien technology was used in its pure form for standard solutions, like public transportation, humans quickly adopted certain elements like gravity shifters or light splitting to create more artistic forms, fountains, sculptures and holographic projections.

Shops that sell products for aliens (so-called aShops) can do it legally only after receiving government approval sign. Purchase and consuming the products for aliens is not recommended, as their effects on humans are still not fully analyzed and can affect humans, perhaps even on the genetic level. Safety is an issue as some sub-cultures imbibe alien medicines and certain other products that cause effects similar to drugs.


  1. Cześć. To ja twój stary kumpel z Krakowa Tomek :). Jak leci? Czy można już drukować pały 2.0 na drukarkach 3d?

    1. No coś tak zniknął za horyzontem? :) Byłem niedawno tydzień w Krakowie dać prezentację, trzeba było się odezwać, byśmy sie wybrali na biiru..

      A pały rozchodzą się jak ciepłe bułeczki, wyparły z chińskiego rynku nawet Adibasy a to już coś :)

  2. He he... Fajne rzeczy robisz freelancerze...


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