Sunday, June 16, 2013

Resistance HQ (aRevolution project)

Hidden location where the resistance hack, retrieve and translate alien messages from the Global Network and is creating its own alien mech assembly system. Its members, being the main target of the city council (effectively steered by the clones, since aliens see the resistance as a possible threat) hide in the lowest levels of the Atoll 7, near the purification systems as well as within the harbor. Resistance was able to intercept and smuggle to its HQ a wreckage of an alien transmission vessel, that malfunctioned and crashed in the wasteland. It's energy core, luckily intact, is sufficient to power all the equipment and the communication systems are connected to the hacking devices.

By intercepting bits and pieces of coded messages, resistance was able to figure out parts of alien's plan. In preparation for the possible revolt, in case things go bad, technicians and engineers work on advanced weaponry, like turning a regular hazard suit used by aliens for industrial work into a mobile battle mech. Aliens revealed some of their military solutions to the council for beefing up Atoll's security but its out of reach for the underground. Since mech can be operated only by an alien, technicians came with alternate, albeit radical solution. Special cybernetic implants that modify nervous system of the carrier allow to fool the mech into 'thinking' its being operated by an alien. The drawback is the procedure itself, since not everyone can survive it and its irreversible. Mech's surface is covered with color-changing molecular lining that allows it to adapt to nearly every environment like a chameleon.

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