Sunday, April 10, 2016

New website and blog

AK-ART studio got itself a new website! You can check it at the usual URL:

Also, the new site features "News" section, which has a blog-like format and where all the news, tips, short articles, case studies and such will be published from now on (as an addition to AK-ART's Facebook page). It's also possible to give comments, "likes" as well as share them on social media. That means that no new posts will appear here. That's right, time to kiss Blogger goodbye. It's perfectly fine and has been for all these years but in this situation there's no point keeping it up to date anymore. All the old posts will be still here, so if anyone for any reason wants to access them, just browse.

There's a lot of things coming down the pipe and a lot of exciting stuff is waiting to be published (once NDA's clear) but for now I can't say much, as usual. Either way, it's a new stage for AK-ART and there can only be an expansion from now on.

See you on the new website!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

What's coming up?

So, what am I up to in 2016? Well, apart from U7, which is my long-term gig (and seems it will remain so for many months to come), there is a couple more things on the plate...

Some large-scale awesomeness: after "Downtown" project, prepared for a night club in Shanghai, I'm slowly finishing another, similar project - three huge illustrations/matte paintings, with the widest being a triptych almost 30k pixels wide. Once the artworks are printed (in several layers for extra depth) and installed, I'll share some of the images.

Since my Shade3D intro was warmly received and folks behind the app are super nice, I've started working on a five part tutorial series, Advanced Concept Art Series, where I will take a closer look at Shade (among other apps). It's going to be a long, info-packed and very thorough 5-part concept art series that will present several different pipelines used for concept art development and presentation. In each part, I’ll be working on a different image from my personal artbook “Razordome”. You can find more information on my website, in the "Store" section.

So, quite a bit is coming up and bigger changes related to AK-ART are down the road. What changes? You'll see :)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Interview for Shade 3D online

Welcome in 2016!

Interview for folks at Shade 3D is online, you can check it out here. I talk about my personal pipeline, concept art in general as well as the work on the latest project, "The Universe of Seven".

UPDATE: The interview is also available in Japanese here.