Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's new?

No new artworks for now as currently I'm preparing a few simple tutorials on matte painting projections in Nuke. They will be only available in Polish for now (sorry about that) but if there is a need, I'll translate them into English. They will cover all basic types of projections - from cheating camera push-in by playing with scale to full 3D matte projection onto geometry imported from Maya.

I'm also preparing several new matte paintings that will actually form a short sequence. For these, I will practice some interesting things, like extensive use of Vue with DEM maps (esp. for the first establishing shot), using live greenscreen footage and finally compositing of the whole thing in Nuke, with some additional effects added. The whole animation should last about 15-20 seconds and it will most likely modify my matte demo reel, upgrading it to v2 :)

Stay tuned.

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