Thursday, May 17, 2012

'Cloud Atlas' update 1

Although it's all over IMDB and other movie sites, I think I'll also post some 'CA' news from time to time, considering it's been the first major film gig of mine. Seems 'CA' is finally gaining some momentum after its initial test screenings held this week and a few short interviews. It's been revealed that it will be approx. 2h 44min long (well, 6 stories after all) and the release date has been moved from late October (as seen on some sites) to December 6. That's a bummer, 'cause I can't wait to see it but oh, well.. Still waiting for some new pictures and, of course, a proper trailer.

One funny thing I've noticed, is people still trying to guess who's playing who, considering intriguing set of characters and actors. One cool things about working on a movie is you get to know such things. I still remember the crew looking at Hugh Grant's role list with puzzled looks, so my small side hobby is to visit forums and sites to see who got it right and who got it wrong :) There is still a lot of blanks to be filled from what I've seen, and though it's unlikely folks will figure out all of them - do your best, guys! :)

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