Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project BF, image 1: Hi-tech dynasty

'Butterfly' is my long-term personal project that started as a sf/cyberpunk point-and-click adventure game back in 2009. Here you can read an actual interview about it and see some old concepts - that's when I started with digital painting :) Since I don't have any more time for its development, I decided to tell the story in a series of concepts, maybe finalized with a downloadable mini-artbook. We'll see ;) Anyway, here's the first concept from the series.

The story, set in Shanghai, in the year 2099, when androids stand for almost 1/3 of the general population. An undercover agent of a major corporation, ZEN Technologies, is sent on a mission to recover a stolen prototype of an AI module. In order to track the thief, he has to lurk into the deepest and oldest areas of megalopolis.

General overview of futuristic Shanghai, where the story takes place. The idea is to mix the old, stone architecture and traditional elements, like gates or monuments, with vast scale and futuristic additions (more city views to come).


  1. I'd love to visit Shanghai at that time :) massive scale of the architecture. I love the color palette and toxic atmosphere

  2. Shame to hear you are not going to finish the game. :(

    But it's a wonderful idea with this concept gallery and the first image looks splendid.

    1. Hey, yeah, no way to do it by myself, I would have to take 5 years off from everything else:) But if you could keep the interview about it on your site (to which the link points) I would appreciate, since it gives a better idea about the project for those who might be interested. Thanks, Adam.

    2. For now neither the site nor the interview are going anywhere. :)


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