Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sketching month begins!

It's easy to see that August was filled with polished concepts from my 'Butterfly' project. A few more of this kind will follow but in September, I'll continue the visual development in a bit different form - more loose, more organic, with many iterations and perhaps some crazy forms. In other words - sketches! I decided it's time to grab some pencils, pens and markers and go nuts :) I'll probably use my sexy LED lightbox as well, perhaps some crazy French curves and other 'old-school' tools. The most interesting sketches will end up most likely in Photoshop for coloring. So, expect the unexpected ;)

First of all, I'll take care of several vehicles that you can see indicated in the storyboard below (also an earlier concept 'Battle suit rendezvous' depicts a moment from this particular scene). There will be: HC (hoover-car) the protagonists are using, armored 'van' with ACS Suit inside (see other 3D concept) and turbo-helicopter, used by ZEN troopers. Additionally, I'll take care of AC (aero-car) of the main character, used in several other parts of the story.

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