Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Cloud Atlas' concept art

After year and a half, it's time for some of many concepts done for 'CA' to see the light of a day. I updated the portfolio, so if you want to have a look, go straight to the gallery. Hope you like the pieces and any comments are, of course, welcomed.

It was a very exciting project to be on and I'm happy it turned into a thrilling film of epic proportions.

Most of my designs for the movie belong to this sci-fi part that takes place in Neo-Seoul (Nea So Copros). From day one, I was working on the city's overall appearance (downtown and old part), Papa Song restaurant, city's transit system and the main two vehicles - Enforcer's Gunship (winged, attack ship) and Skiff (which Somni and Chang use during the chase/escape sequence).

For Zachry''s post-apocalyptic story, I worked on Meronym's props and gun, Kona warriors' weapons as well as on the enormous 'hovercraft' used by Meronym's tribe (the final movie version is more streamlined).

Overall, the project was a blast. I met a bunch of great people, including other very talented and experienced artists like Peter Popken or Steve Skroce, and all three directors who are very approachable and friendly. Babelsberg Studio is a great place which I hope to visit again, for another production, should I have a chance. My work was just a small drop in the whole design process but 'what is the ocean but a multitude of drops' ;)


  1. inspired nad beautiful work! cant wait to see a movie !
    greets :)

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