Thursday, December 27, 2012

'Reload' - rescue mission begins...

So, here we go. Jim is on his self-initiated rescue mission, arriving at the vicinity of destroyed Neo-Berlin.

The farmost outpost of the Empire, East-9, situated on the eastern border of Neo-Berlin. A new delivery of war prisoners is about to arrive. The outpost is heavily fortified, with thick outer walls and almost fully mechanized, so the soldiers don't have to go out too often. Flying surveillance cameras patrol the grounds 24/7. The main purpose of East-9 is to send human transports into the infected zone using UAV (Unmanned Armored Vehicle), controlled remotely from the outpost.

Time to suit up. Nothing like borrowing a prototype of PowerSuit and taking it for a test drive. Perhaps as a stowaway in UAV?


  1. Awesome work! They are amazing!

    How much time do you usually spend on one piece?

    1. Thanks :) One piece usually takes 10-12 hours.


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