Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Experimental suits

Welcome in 2013! May it be fruitful and full of great projects.

To start with something colorful, here are a few suit designs I did a while ago, more experiments than anything else really, trying various techniques and Maya scripts. I'm studying ZBrush and modo at the moment, in order to produce some kick-ass 3D faster and more conveniently, leaving cumbersome Maya behind. Soon, I'll post one or two more polished artworks.

In the meantime, first two boards.

1. Alien suits, either found in derelict ships or seen during direct encounters. Some seem to be 'alive' and able to change consistency and/or constantly reassembling themselves around the 'carrier'. Purposes, abilities and endurance unknown (using Maya's particles/instancers with a bit of kit-bashing and fractal generators).

2. Bio-organic suits, with electronically controlled 'inner environment', useful for extreme weather conditions and medical recovery (using After Effects and 'Element 3D' plug-in with its particle replicator capabilities.)


  1. Very cool. The first looks kind of TRON-like, but the second really sells the organic idea. You don't even have to explain it. It looks like a curculatory system. Great job Adam!


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